Tuesday, October 04, 2011

boxes, thought and the walk to work


Was up at 6:20am, then downstairs, quickly followed by Isabella, who insisted on Rice Krispies with organic semi-skimmed milk .I had Cornflakes. Isabella then wanted some natural Greek yoghurt. I had removed the lid, but Mrs B then informed me it was out of date! A spoonful had been consumed. Don't really buy into the sell by date thing, but apparently it was at least a week out!

Walk to Work:

Not posted in this format for several years. Have recently moved from our humble abode in Canton, Cardiff, to about a mile away in Llandaff. Anyway, same concept in that I walk to work. Drizzle was in the air. It was down Pencisely Road and then at the top of Cathedral Road I made my way into Pontcanna Fields.
A few early joggers around. Then over the pedestrian bridge and through the grounds of Cardiff Castle. It was then
down the river way walk and into my venue of income generation.
1 banana
4 ham sandwiches on brown bread.
Random Thought:I want to think again inside the box!

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